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Bel Air Park in Falls Church, VA!

Posted by on February 26, 2013

Bel Air Park in Falls Church, VA is a small neighborhood park tucked in between a West Falls Church single-family home neighborhood. I almost missed the Fairfax County park sign but my 4 year old pointed out the sign as we drove by. The park has one piece of school-aged play equipment, swings and a half court basketball court. There are three different ways you can enter the park in the Bel Air neighborhood.

Address: 6635 Barrett Rd., Falls Church, VA 22042

3208 Cofer Rd., Falls Church, VA 22042 (Note this is a residential address. The trail to the park is near)

3145 Holloway Road, Falls Church, VA 22042 (Note this is a residential address. The trail to the park is near)

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 The boys were pretty excited to see a large piece of school-aged play equipment once we made it up the paved trail between the houses. There are two swings, one regular and one toddler. The park does have a little bit of shade from surrounding trees but no restrooms. The half court basketball court was in nice shape too.




If you live in the West Falls Church area you should check Bel Air Park!

2 Responses to Bel Air Park in Falls Church, VA!

  1. JF

    We went looking for this today, as we live (relatively) close by and even with my GPS taking me to the address, I did not see a park sign, just houses. We ended up a Luria Park instead. I will have to try going again, as apparently I’m blind!

    • Kamber

      Haha….I had the same problem. If you use the Barrett Road address the park sign is on the left hand sign literally in what looks like someones front yard. The entrance trail is almost in the cul de sac.

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