Autumnwood Recreation Area in Reston, VA!

The Autumnwood Recreation Area in Reston is part of the Reston Association park system. Located by the Autumnwood pool and near one of the many paved trails that run through Reston, the park offers a large piece of play equipment and swings.

Autumnwood Recreation Area

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When we visited the park last year (which seems forever and a ton of snow ago) the kids had a great time playing on the large piece of play equipment. My kids are huge fans of slides so they were in heaven with the multiple slides on the piece of equipment. Shade around the playground during the early afternoon was great. Both types of swings are located at the park but sadly no restrooms for the public. If you’re a Reston Association member and the pool is open you may be able to use their public indoor restrooms. There are picnic benches and tables to rest and enjoy a picnic lunch or snack in the shade but still be able to see the kids on the equipment. As always we hit up the small trail system around the park and the kids brought their bikes to ride along the paved trail.


If you live near or in the North Point District of Reston, check out Autumnwood Recreation Area!

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