Accotink Stream Valley Trail in Fairfax, VA!

When we were tooling around Fairfax heading toward the different portions of Eakin Community Park we headed out onto the Accotink Stream Valley Trail. This portion of the trail is part of the larger Cross County Trail plan or CCT. The CCT is 40 miles long, running from the Potomac River in Great Falls Park to Occoquan River in the Occoquan Regional Park. There is some great facts about the CCT on the Fairfax County Park Authority website and other Trail Maps around the counties, if you’re curious and want more information click here.

Accotink Strean Valley Trail Map 

This portion of the CCT takes you along the trail from Pickett Road in Fairfax where you can enter the path at Thaiss Memorial Park all the way to Little River Turnpike (Rt 236) ending at Wakefield Park in Annandale.

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AREAS WHERE YOU CAN PARK Address: 3417 Pickett Rd, Fairfax, VA 22031

3400 ProsperityAve, Fairfax, VA 22031

8515 Tobin Rd, Annandale, VA 22003

We picked a nice day to head out on the 4.2-mile trail and just walk in the shade of the trees. The path is paved and flat with several small bridges to cross over. There were tons of people running, biking or just letting the kids run up and down the path. The wooded area along the trail was pretty moist from the past days of rain and we noticed it was kind of buggy in parts. I bet during the spring time or when there is a small breeze the bugs are not an issue. Homes can be seen from the parts of the trail and you do cross over a few roads but there are large crosswalks for pedestrian safety. Along the way are info signs with information regarding the trail or things like a description of poison ivy and why it makes you itch…:)


There are a couple parks along this portion of trail, Thaiss Memorial Park which has a school aged piece of play equipment and Eakin Community Park which has a playground with slides and swings. There are restrooms at the Thaiss Memorial Park (porta potty) and Eakin Community Park (porta potty) at the Tobin Rd location.

My kids had a fun time running along the path, checking out the creek that runs under the small bridges and of course seeing the deer throughout the trail area. (HINT: There is a deer in this picture, see if you can find it….:) ) One thing I have to mention are the signs along the trail noting that Deer Management for Archery Hunters begins in Sept and runs through February.

Enjoy the outdoors in the middle of the suburbs!

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