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About NoVA Outdoors

Northern Virginia is filled with National Parks, State Parks, Regional, County and local parks. Many of the parks are surrounded by history and the heavily wooded areas are just gorgeous in the spring, summer and fall months. By going to all these parks and reviewing what they have to offer, followers can find new parks close to their neighborhoods. You never know what might be right around the corner.

Hi, my name is Kamber Petty and I’m a mom to two very active boys who LOVE to be outside. In addition to my mom duties I’m a retired microbiologist and an active Real Estate Agent. How do these two titles compare? My involvement in the lab ended when I had my first son and I realized nothing was going to be better than staying home with my little boy. Then his brother came along and after awhile I decided to get back into the work force by helping out a friend with some real estate. I found that my small part time gig as a real estate agent for True North Realty was going to blossom into a full time career but with the capability of staying home with my two sons.

Why did I start NoVA Outdoors? Being from California I was spoiled by all the parks and hiking trails California has to offer. I absolutely missed being able to just to step outside my front door and drive a few short miles to hike through a canyon. NoVA Outdoors came about while I was sitting down with some girlfriends around a sandbox discussing how neat it would be to have a one stop source for all things park in Northern Virginia. All of us are from different states and relocated here for our husband’s jobs. Places for the kids to run around and have fun was something much needed for our families. We all enjoy being outside and feel it helps promote a healthier lifestyle for our families. I also feel that learning can be done not just in the classroom but also by interacting with nature and introducing my children to different situations.

I hope you enjoy what NoVA Outdoors has to offer,

Kamber Petty


Phone: 571-299-8307
facebook: NoVa Outdoors
twitter: Kamberp31






I’d like to welcome Ashley Wells to the NoVA Outdoors staff! I’m very excited about Ashley coming on board because we get to offer even more park and winery reviews. Find out a little more about Ashley and her family and why I think she is going to be a great fit!


Hi, my name is Ashley Wells and I’m a mom to two very busy little boys.  Prior to children, I was a Legal Recruiter.  I loved the fast paced environment and enjoyed finding new careers for all those I assisted.  The day my first son was born I ultimately decided there is no place I’d rather be than at home with my boys…it’s a decision I’ve never regretted.

Recently I started working with Kamber Petty on her amazing website, NoVa Outdoors.  This is perfect for me and my family.  I get to continue to stay at home with the boys and we travel around to local parks, play and share on our experiences so others can enjoy and have as much fun as we do in Northern Virginia!

Northern Virginia (and surrounding areas) is a fantastic area to live in.  I was born and raised in Western PA and was brought up enjoying the outdoors.  The beauty of Northern Virginia is that there is so much to do and a lot of it is FREE.  I look forward to sharing some of these parks and provide helpful information to our followers, so you can make the most of every visit!

Thanks for stopping by!

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8 Responses to About NoVA Outdoors

  1. Jen

    Hi, I have been utilizing your site for awhile now when looking for playgrounds to visit with my 2 and 4 year old. I just wanted to let you know what a great resource it is, hope you don’t stop doing it! I am also a blogger but in the pregnancy and breastfeeding niche. I am also a local to the DC area, have lived here my entire life but didn’t even know about many of these parks! Thanks again! Jen

    • Kamber

      Thank you Jen! Sadly I will be putting NoVA Outdoors to the side. My kids are now just too active to keep up with the demand of updated parks. I’m glad you were able to use it as a source that’s what the goal was from the very beginning…:)

  2. Sheila

    What an amazing site! We have visited many of your listed parks since finding this site a month or so ago. Some of the parks we knew about but we were not so sure of putting them on the visit list. However, your details sent us too them and they have all been fantastic. What a great find for our very active outdoor family. Thank you!

    • Kamber

      Thank you Sheila for you kind words! This is the exact reason I started NoVA Outdoors! Enjoy!

  3. Mickey Leon

    Hello. Just wanted to say that as a family that was new to the Woodbridge and northern VA area, your site has been a great help in finding places for our kids to play. We really appreciate the time that you put in to create this. I know the demands of parenting can be great and time consuming. If there’s anyway possible to keep doing the site, I know new residents and parents such as myself would always be appreciative. Thanks for the work you’ve done!!!

    • Kamber

      Oh my goodness! Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to see your comment. I promise I will continue to maintain the site and hopefully improve certain aspects. If you ever run into a park that has made any changes please let me know and I will update the site…:)

  4. Catherine M

    Thanks for this great blog. We relocated to Virginia from upstate New York a few years ago, and like you Kamber, I sorely miss the many beautiful town parks, state parks, hikes, vistas and LAKES, all within a short drive of my old home. This blog is a fantastic resource. Thank you so much for putting it together, and thank you for posting positive words about choosing to stay at home with your children. That’s the most demanding full time job of all!

    • Kamber

      Aww thank you! Welcome to Virginia! There are some great spots in Virginia too just different from California and New York. I can definitely say it was tough to stay home but as they got older it did get easier and more fun….:)

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